• Year of the Snake

    I never belonged to that category of people with a clear idea in mind of what they will become as a grown up. I am 26 and I still think I can become an astronaut, a photographer or a singer. Not necessarily in this order. Choosing one way or another would necessarily mean to give up on something and in this moment I don't feel like precluding any possibility. Because not choosing is a bit like choosing everything. I am not looking for one job, one group of friends or one life. Every day I think I could be living in Berlin, New York or retire in a little house on the top of a hill in Tuscany. Instead of making steps forward I feel like I am stepping back to a sort of second adolescence. These images describe this fragile balance between a sense of guilt for not having obtained something and not wanting to have it. I documented this phase by photographing the people around me in London, friends surrounded by the same fragility, uncertainty and doubts, but also by a continuous and vital desire for change.