16.01.2018 – Interviewed on my project about the Trans Siberian Railway by The Calvert Journal

07.12.2017 – Più libri più liberi / The Photo Book Cloud

In these days the dummy of my book The Happy Show is on display at The Photo Book Cloud, in the beautiful cloud designed by Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas at Rome Convention Center. My dummy was selected among other 4 by Teodora Malavenda. The event takes place within Più libri più liberi, Fiera Nazionale della Piccola e Media Editoria.

06.11.2017 – La Photo du Lundi on 6mois

30.10.2017 – Take over for @splashandgrab

For this week I will take over the Instagram account of Splash&Grab magazine, taking you through my journey on the Trans Siberian railway. Stay tuned!

18.04.2017 – Shortlisted for Kassel Dummy Award 2017

I am very happy to announce that my dummy The Happy Show is included in the shortlist for this year’s Kassel Dummy Award. My dummy will travel to Instanbul Photobook Festival, Moscow, PhotoIreland in Dublin, Madrid, Aarhus and Lodz Photofestiwal.

25.06.2016 – Going north 13511472_10153715148796045_1613781896_n

Today I will start making my way up north towards Denmark to continue shooting my project. I am a bit nervous, but I think one is never really ready, so the most important thing is to make that first step and start driving. I can’t wait to be on the road for this great adventure!


18.07.2016 – La Stampa interview

It has been flattering and embarrassing at the same time to be interviewed along with such great photographers. Here (min. 04.12) you can view a video shot by Andrea Punto Arena with interviews to Arianna Rinaldo, artistic director of the festival, and photographers Larry Towell, Darcy Padilla, Paolo Woods and Gabriele Galimberti and me.

22.06.2016 – Some of my images are on Der Greif, Guest room: curated by Federica Chiocchetti @photocaptionist and Lisa Stein @lisa.frederique


14.06.2016 – Tak @Ambasciatore_DK


10.06.2016 – Opening of exhibition in Rome at Fotoleggendo






Thanks to all of those who came to see the first exhibition of Danesland and helped me setting it up. It was great to see so many friends there and feel your support! Thanks for all the people @everyday_italy who came and helped us gluing so many beautiful images from young Italian photographers on this bridge.

04.06.2016 – Danesland opens exhibition in Rome

An exhibition of Danesland will open at 6 p.m. on 10th June in Rome, at Circolo degli Illuminati, as part of Fotoleggendo foto festival. Come and say hi if you are around!




23-27.05.2016 – On assignment in Malta

I was sent by the Trip magazine to the islands of the Maltese archipelago (Malta, Gozo, Comino and Cominotto), in the Mediterranean sea. My task was to do a personal reportage on Valletta, the capital of Malta. Besides this, our crew, composed of three journalists, two bloggers and the tourism authorities of Malta, also visited and interviewed a lot of interesting people that told us a bit of the history of the Maltese islands.
Giulia Mangione-3403

This is Arnold Grech, a professional beekeeper and a man that knows how to handle life. Last week he had a heart attack but he’s already back under the sun working with his bees. [Melleiha, Malta].Giulia Mangione-3495

At sunset in a little stone house in the middle of a vineyard we met Marilú, who showed us how to make pastizzi, traditional Maltese snacks. [Siggiewi, Malta].Giulia Mangione-4240

Salvo is one of the four inhabitants of Comino island. He has been abroad twice: the first time to see a small fishing boat in Catania, Sicily. The second time to buy it. The trip back took 3 days, where he slept on the deck of the little fishing boat under the stars. Salvo is not afraid of anything. He says that when you live in a place with so few people you have to learn to rely on your own. [Santa Marija Bay, Comino island].Giulia Mangione-4300

Emmanuel has been making salt for 47 years under the sun of the island of Gozo. He started by manually pouring sea water into the flats, then used to wait a week until the water evaporated and he could scrape off the salt with a broom. Later on he started using a water pump. [Zebbug, Gozo].

18.05.2016 – Danesland will be shown at the OFF circuit of COTM 2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 17.53.05

Very happy to hear that Danesland is among the 5 finalists that will be exhibited at the OFF circuit at this year’s Cortona On The Move Festival

12.04.2016 – Very inspiring two-day workshop with Corinne Noordenbos in Rome13022415_10153576401046045_1399786536_n


07.04.2016 – Il Reportage has won third place in the NPPA Best of Photojournalism in Personality Profile or Lifestyle Magazine Story Category with Danesland and received an HM in Magazine Cover category won by Newsweek. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 12.00.58

01.03.2016 – Back in Sweden to continue working on my new project.




20.02.2016 – As a prize for having won Fotoleggendo Photo Festival in June 2015, I started attending a photobook-making course in Rome. Here are some images from our first weeks. Slowly moving from the floor to the page.

13023298_10153576416731045_624949051_n (1)  13059574_10153576416701045_1434758490_n (1)


21.10.2015 – Talk in Rome to present the new issue of Il Reportage, featuring Danesland Reportage_incontro_news_website

10.06.2015 – Interviewed for Osso Magazine 

Osso Mag Interview_tearsheet_website


08.06.2015 – Danesland wins First Prize at Fotoleggendo Photo Festival in Rome, Italy.

Premiazione Fotoleggendo_tearsheet_website at 12.58.46 PM